Tradlessons Paid Android Apps Privacy Policy

Tradlessons built the following Android apps as a paid app:

Bagpipes - Play the Scottish Bagpipes

Bagpipes Piano Ultimate

Bb Whistle - Play the Bb Irish Pennywhistle

Englitina - English Concertina


Hohner AirBoard

Hohner B/C Button Accordion

Hohner C#/D Button Accordion

Hohner C/F Button Accordion

Hohner D/G Button Accordion

Hohner G/C Button Accordion

Hohner Piano Accordion

Hohner-ADG Button Accordion

Hohner-BbEbAb Button Accordion

Hohner-EAD Button Accordion

Hohner-FBbEb Button Accordion

Hohner-GCF Button Accordion

Low F Whistle - Play the Low F Irish Pennywhistle

Regulators - Uilleann Bagpipes Drones + Regulators

Sackpipa - Play the Swedish Bagpipes

Tin Whistle - Play the Irish Pennywhistle

Trapezoid - Hammered Dulcimer

Uilleann - Play the Irish Bagpipes

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