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Chromatic B and C-System Button Accordion for the iPad

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Hohner announces a brand new music app for the iPad: The Hohner Chromatic Accordion

Mimicking the layout of Hohner's iconic chromatic button accordions, both B-System and C-System, this intuitive virtual accordion is easy to play and sounds exactly like the real instrument.

The Hohner Chromatic Accordion has a 52-button treble button board and 36 bass/chord buttons.

Choose between B or C-System button layout using the layout selector on the edge of the screen.

Touch the "?" button to show/hide the button labels.

Touch the "i" button to show the volume controls.

Touch the Hohner logo for the help screen with links to the Hohner accordion website and Accordion Life online accordion lessons.

The Hohner Chromatic Accordion app allows musicians to practice chord combinations, scales, and songs on-the-go.

Headphones can be used for private practice, or the audio output of the virtual accordion can be amplified by plugging into computer speakers, or other sound enhancing devices.

This app is ideal for the beginning student or professional musician who needs a simple carry-on companion to compliment his or her actual accordion. While not meant to be a replacement for a real accordion, the app is a convenient and easy tool for practicing, learning, or teaching.

Be sure to turn off "Multitasking Gestures" in your iPad settings before playing this app! If the sound stops when you put four fingers down on the screen, then they are turned on!

If you aren't getting any sound when playing or only hearing sound in headphones, please check that the mute switch in your iPad's Control Center is turned off!

Demo Video

Main screen


Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox


Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox

Touch the "?" to show the button labels


Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox


Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox

Touch the "i" to show the volume controls

Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox

Touch the Hohner logo to show the help screen

From here you can visit the Hohner accordion and Accordion Life online accordion lesson websites

Hohner Chromatic SqueezeBox

Most Common Support Questions

Q: I'm not hearing any sound from the app, please help! Other programs are making sound!

A: Please check that the mute switch on your iPad is turned off.

Even if other apps are making sound, my apps, which allow you to play along with music in your iTunes collection have to respect the setting of the iPad's mute switch.

Q: The sound stops when I put four fingers on the screen. Help!

A: Go into the iPad Settings app, and disable the "Multitasking Gestures" feature.

If it is on, when you put 4 fingers on the screen, Apple completely takes over the system, stops the sound and starts switching between apps.

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