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How to Play the Hohner SqueezeBox

It's a SqueezeBox - You Push and Pull it.

Just like the real thing, the Hohner SqueezeBox is diatonic. That means it plays different notes when you push or pull the bellows.

Touch the anywhere on the bellows or grill for PUSH notes.

Lift your finger for PULL notes.

The PUSH/PULL indicator shows the current bellows direction.

Basic Basics

Touch the buttons with your right hand to play.

Buttons light up when touched.

Press multiple buttons at the same time to play chords.

Touch the ‘?’ icon to show / hide the note names.

Notice that the note names change with the bellows direction.

Play along with music in your iTunes collection.

Get Your Sound Down

Choose a "dry" tuned reed for clear, plaintive melodies.

Choose "wet" tuned reeds for a fuller, more dramatic sound.


Touch the 'i' icon to bring up the Help screen.

Touch anywhere in the Help screen to go back to playing.

Touch the links at the bottom of the Help screen to visit the Hohner and Tradlessons websites.


All your settings are saved when you exit the app.

Questions and Answers

Q: I can't use more than two fingers on your accordion or concertina apps. When I put down three fingers, the screen starts zooming.

A: Somehow, you've turned on the Zoom feature on your iPad's Accesibility controls. Run the Settings app on your iPad, go into General/Accessibility, and turn Zoom off.

Q: I have an iPad and the sound stops when I put four fingers on the screen.

A: Since you may want to play chords with more than 3 or 4 fingers, you'll need to turn off "Multitasking Gestures" in your iPad's Settings, under General/Multitasking Gestures.

Q: I'm not hearing any sound, help!

A: Make sure that the mute switch on your device is turned off.

In iOS4.2, the mute switch is the physical switch on the corner of the iPad. In iOS4.3 or later, you can select between orientation lock or mute for the switch on the device. If you've set the iPad for orientation lock on the switch, then the mute is on the far left side of the task bar, double click the home button and then slide the task bar all the way to the left.

Q: Where can I learn more about how to play the instruments?

A: The Reyes Accordions Forum is an amazing community of diatonic accordion players and makers.

The Chano Cadena Practice Room has several free backup tracks you can download and play along with on your iPad.

Q: Where can I get tablature for Tex-Mex / Conjunto / Norteño songs?

A: Reyes Accordions has scale and chord fingering charts as well as over 500 songs in tablature.

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Real Players, Real Music

Five Time Grammy Award Winner Flaco Jimenez on the Hohner SqueezeBox

Flaco Jimenez

Mingo Saldivar - "The Dancing Cowboy"

Mingo Saldivar

"Los Tres Tristes Tigres"

Jimmy Zambrano - San Juan De Rió Seco Cundinamcarca

"Un huapango por el cambio"

Featured Band Grupo Delirio playing "El Manicero"

Featured Band Grupo Delirio playing "El Circo"

20estudiofilms - "Tragos de Amargo Licor"

Android Version - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:

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