iOS 6.0.1 iPad Update Mute/Orientation Switch Issue Fix

Apple recently released iOS version 6.0.1 and some users are reporting issues with all of my apps no longer making sound on the iPad.

Other users are reporting that their device is stuck in one orientation or at the app's help screen when running the apps.

The root cause of the issue has been identified (thank you Dale Wisely) and is easily fixed.

Even if other apps are making sound, my apps, which allow you to play along with music in your iTunes collection have to respect the position of the mute switch.

Apparently, during the update process to 6.0.1, in some cases, Apple is not properly maintaining the status of the Mute/Orientation switch and leaving the device in a muted or orientation locked state no matter what you do.

In the iPad Settings app you can select between orientation lock or mute for the physical switch on the side of the device.

To fix the problem, go into the iPad settings and assign the side switch to the Mute function.

Once you have done that, toggle the switch to the off position (if you see a red dot on the switch, turn it the other way).

That should clear the incorrect mute status and allow my apps to make sound again.

The issue seems more common on those iPads that had the side switch assigned to the orientation lock and the switch was in the off position during the upgrade.

Reassigning the switch back to the Mute feature and then toggling it appears to clear the bad mute status.

This video shows in detail how to reassign the side switch to the Mute function

After you reassign the switch to Mute, turn it to the off (no red dot) position.

You can then go back into the iPad Settings and set it back to the orientation lock if you desire.

If you happened to post a negative review of one of my apps based on this issue, and this procedure fixes the problem, please consider updating your review to reflect that the issue has been solved. Thanks!

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